Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Colt

On a trip to visit our horse this morning, we discovered that Winston has proclaimed himself the adoptive father to a little weanling colt. The colt was starting to take a toll on his mama, who is not in good health (she is in another pen a few yards away). As soon as the colt and his mama were introduced to Winston yesterday, Winston became very protective of him, keeping his other pasture-mate, and even the colt's own mama, away from him. Today, mama seemed very unconcerned, while meanwhile, Winston was quite upset when I took him up to the barn and away from the colt for a few mintues so that I could groom him. They called back and forth to each other until I returned Winston to his pen. I didn't find out what the colt's name is, but Noah called him Isaac. Noah calls all babies Isaac. The colt is a cute and friendly little guy, and is doing very well for his first day away from his mama. (The masks they are wearing keep the flies out of their eyes.)
It was a beautiful, but hot morning. The freshly cut hayfields were all aflutter with thousands of Clouded Yellow butterflies. Appropriately named, as there were literally clouds of them flying all around.

As we drove away through the clouds of butterflies, we were happy to know that our kind horse is easing one little colt's transition to life away from his mama's side.


  1. "Isaac" is Beautiful~ as is is your sharing of this message.

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm not a fan of horses up close (thanks to a horse named Snowball that caused me injury when I was 5...), but I like looking at them from afar...and I love the colts chin whiskers! So cute...