Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Winter Walk

Noah and I ventured out into the brisk late afternoon air for a little nature walk today. I find there is something about carrying a camera and a child that allows me to really see things that I otherwise might not. Such as these animal footprints in the snow...

Or the moon rising between the trees in the late afternoon sky. Noah noticed it too, and stared at it for a while with a look of wonder on his face.

Or the way that if we stood in just the right spot, we could see the sunset through the missing slats of this old barn.

Or the gradient of cool pastels in the eastern sky, as the sun was setting in the west. Unexpected, but beautiful.

Despite the cold temperatures, Noah did not complain. Instead, he gazed at the wintery landscape and chattered to me about what he saw as his cheeks got rosy red.

If only I could understand what he said. For I am sure he saw so much more than I.

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