Saturday, January 31, 2009

Noah Meets Bubba

"A handcrafted doll is one of a kind, an individual which carries the spirit of the maker in its stitches and absorbs the spirit of the child who loves it."

Meet Bubba, Noah's new doll. This was my first sewing project ever. Well, unless you count the few straight lines of the napkin holder I made in 7th grade Home Ec class, which I don't. I used a combination of instructions from three different books, and decided to make him really bright so he won't get lost. OK...that last bit is a lie. Actually, I ordered the cotton velour fabric online and what was supposed to be a color called 'grass' turned out to be fluorescent green. He is made in the Waldorf tradition with natural materials, merino wool hair and wool stuffing. His face is embroidered with a neutral expression to allow Noah to create any expression he wants with his imagination. I think Bubba turned out pretty well, even though he could probably be seen from space.
Noah enjoys carrying him all around the house, usually with Bubba dangling by one leg. Here Noah is being more nurturing and using two hands.

The pushcart also makes a very nice buggy for giving Bubba rides back and forth across the living room.

As a side note, I am aware that in most pictures I post, Noah is in his pajamas. I would like to say that is because I always take pictures of him in the morning, which is when these pictures actually were taken. The truth is that Noah often spends the entire day in his pajamas. I justify this by the fact that he will not leave any kind of sock, shoe, or slipper on his feet when he is wearing pants, and as a result his feet are always cold. At least the pajamas have footies on them and he cannot take them off. That's my story and I am sticking to it!


  1. Yup, you've totally inspired me to get started on my son's birthday present! I hope mine turns out as well as yours did!

  2. hi, lovely doll. do you know thah bubba is the hebrew word for a dool?

  3. No, I didn't know that. Very Sweet!

  4. It's also the Hungarian word for it. :) (Spelled baba.)