Thursday, January 22, 2009


When I was a very little girl, my brother Mike and his girlfriend made me a very life-like doll. I am not really sure who named her, but since anyone can remember, she has always been called Emma. I still have Emma twenty-some years later, and though she is worn in places from years of dressing and snuggling, there is still much love in her.

Because she is a perfect newborn size, I have used her many times over the past couple years to measure and try on newly knitted items for size. In fact, right now she is wearing one of Noah's newborn diapers with a teeny tiny soaker cover and one of his t-shirts, along with the matching hat and bootie set that he wore for his first photo shoot.

Emma rests next to the couch in our office/knitting room, where Noah often leans over the edge of the couch sweetly whispering 'bah-bee' until I hand her to him to kiss and snuggle. Why am I waxing so nostalgic, you may wonder? Because Mike and Emma have inspired me to make Noah a doll of his very own. A soft, snuggly 'bah-bee' that he can carry around and kiss and hug. So stay tuned, for he or she will be my first project with my new sewing machine!

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