Tuesday, January 13, 2009


After all the Christmas gift-knitting, I am determined to make something for myself. So, to celebrate my recent de-stashing, I purchased some beautiful handpainted sock yarn from KnitPicks in a colorway called Looking Glass, and in an attempt to cure my one-sock-syndrome (Colleen - I swear I will finish the second Andean sock!), I am knitting them toe-up and both at once. They may take me a month, but by golly, I will do it!

Meanwhile, Noah has been really into his cars lately. He can usually be found zooming them across the floor, carrying them all around, stashing them in the drawer under the oven, or (when he thinks I am not watching) driving them across the piano bench. I tried to capture a photo of him deep in play with some of his handmade-by-Grandpa Ted toys, but alas, the camera lured him away.

Hmmm... I wonder who he gets that look of determination from?


  1. Kudos Jen, Are you using the 2-at-a-time Sock pattern book? I use it for the patterns and still work them singularly, not always an "exact"pair". I'll watch for the finished project...Colleen

  2. The pattern I am using is for one toe-up sock, but I am loosely following directions elsewhere for two-at-a-time. All is well now, but I am worried about turning the heel...