Sunday, October 5, 2008


Noah and I enjoyed a visit from Auntie Trisha this weekend while Curtis was (and still is) in Texas on business. Saturday was a beautiful fall day, and the perfect day for a visit to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. Noah sank his little teeth into an apple while we took a horse-drawn wagon ride through the apple orchard and pumpkin fields.

After our ride, we ventured out into the field to find the perfect pumpkin. Alas, the pumpkins were either partially rotten or very misshapen. However, we did get some very posed pictures of a sleepy Noah before he toppled off the pumpkin into the weeds. He was really more interested in playing in the weeds than posing for pictures anyway. Here is the little farm boy in bib overalls that his Daddy wore when he a little boy.

All was not lost however, because we stopped at another little farm and found lots and lots of nice big pumpkins!

Back at home, while Noah took an overdue and much needed nap, Trisha and I made these adorable pumpkin people.

Thanks again to Trisha for a wonderful visit! I leave you with just one more pumpkin picture...this one of Noah and me from exactly one year ago.


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