Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Night Swinging

This summer, it became part of our daily rhythm to take a short walk to the park after dinner, where Noah would happily swing until bathtime. Lately, with the shorter days and cooler evenings we have been forced to skip the swinging on most nights. There are those few nights however, when the temperature stays tolerable, or even warm, despite the early sunset. So, a few weeks ago, we strung some lights around the pergola so that we could enjoy these last few warm evenings and Noah can swing away.

While Noah swings, we often entertain him with animal noises, which he then tries to mimic. We wonder what neighbors with an open window or walking around the neighborhood think when they hear random dog, elephant, and duck calls coming from the direction of our backyard.

There is something very peaceful about relaxing outside in the dark at the end of the day. We will see how long this night swinging lasts before the cold weather keeps us inside.

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