Saturday, October 25, 2008

Uh-oh, Bob!

Fall is finally here. The air is cool and the wind is brisk. Our maple tree in the front yard has finally lost all of its leaves and everyone is getting ready for Halloween. This is one of my favorite holidays as I get to have fun carving pumpkins. I'm sure we'll post pictures on here once they're done. For those of you who would like to get into the Halloween spirit like me, enjoy some pumpkin carvings on this website. My favorite is the 'Jedi Master Yoda' carving. Feel free to vote for that one. ;)

Last week, we attended Jessica and Kurt's wedding. It was quite the occasion on a perfect fall day. Noah was sporting a shirt and tie and was entertainment to many before dinner, as he crawled around on the dance floor looking for little pieces of things to eat. The neatest part about it was that the reception was held at the Milwaukee County Zoo, so before dinner, we got to visit the apes! Congratulations, Jess and Kurt!

I've also been keeping busy lately getting ready for the Verona Area Community Theater's (VACT) production of 'Nunsense II'. If you're in town or would like to visit either this coming Sunday or next Thursday, you can catch a show that I'm drumming in. I will be drumming on stage, dressed as a priest. Here's a link to the VACT website.

Noah, as usual, is keeping things pretty funny around here. Unfortunately, though, he has his first rather miserable cold. It's been a rather tough week for him, but he still finds a way to throw in a number of smiles. Recently, he caught on to the phrase 'Uh-oh' whenever either Jen or I accidentally dropped something, for example. Now, it's the most popular phrase in the household. Although, Noah takes it to the next level. He'll pick up a toy of his and purposefully drop it, just so that he can yell out 'uh-oh'. It's still cute. Another popular thing he has been saying these days is 'Bob.' Jen and I don't quite know where this is coming from--we think he's trying to say 'beep', but it comes out as 'Bob.' Whenever the microwave or the oven beeps to notify us that our food is ready, Noah stops whatever he is doing, listens for the beeping to stop and then yells out 'BOB!' Again, no idea what it means, but it's hilarious. Here's a video clip of him saying these things:

Finally, just the other day, Jen taught him how to clap his hands. Now, if he does something that we appreciate (like finishing his dinner) there's a uproar of applause at the dinner table. Noah puts on the biggest grin when everyone claps with him. As usual, like purposefully dropping his toys or food from his tray to say the 'uh-oh' phrase, Noah is too smart for his own good and he will now eat a single bite (a pea, for example) and then begin to clap, while smiling at us.

Jen, (besides having way too much fun sucking the snot out of Noah's nose with a nasal aspirator this week) being the crafty person that she is, just finished knitting a new winter hat for Noah and is working on the matching mittens. One of these days, we'd like to purchase some clothing labels for her for all of her craft projects, but we need to come up with a groovy name for her line. She's known on the Internet as 'Berrymama', but we're trying to come up with some other original names. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment with your ideas.

Hope everyone is doing well out there. Thanks, as usual, for checking in on us. Check back in a week to see Noah dressed up in his Halloween costume and our pumpkins! Have a spook-tacular week!


  1. That is sooo cute.. I think Bob is Noah's Imaginary Friend!!! ;) ???

  2. How adorable..Post more pictures of this little fellow. :)