Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Noah celebrated his first Halloween tonight. It was just him and Dad, as Mom was working, helping to bring some Halloween babies into the world so that other nurse-moms could take their older kids trick-or-treating. Maybe in subsequent years, Mom won't have to work so that we an all go collect some sweets. Noah and I trick-or-treated over at two of our neighbor's houses and then came home to hand out candy the rest of the evening. It was absolutely beautiful outside and the trick-or-treaters were out in full effect. We had a record number stop by the house tonight; 112 (32 more than last year). I figured we would have some left over candy this year, so I stocked up on only the stuff we like--which was a good thing, as we only have two small bags left.

I had Noah help me hand out the candy. Each time the doorbell rang, I'd pick him up and rush to the door to show him all of the kids in their costumes. There were princesses galore, pirates, a few Supermans and Superwomans, a ninja turtle, and a number of witches, to name a few. Our favorite, however, was a home-made 'Bucky the Badger' costume. It was quite creative. About half way into the evening, Noah caught on to the fact that I would pick him up, saying 'up-si-daisy', every time the doorbell rang. Each time, thereafter, when someone came to the door, he would say 'up' and spread his arms out as if he were flying. It was definitely a challenge feeding Noah tonight with the doorbell ringing every two minutes. Luckily, he was in a rather decent mood and put up with all of the interruptions.

So, I'm sure everyone is wondering what we dressed him up as. We went with the traditional cowboy, modeled after his cool dad. Here are a couple pictures we took before trick-or-treating.

As far as my pumpkins are concerned, I found out that it's much more difficult to carve challenging pumpkins while performing in a musical one evening and watching an 11 month old the next. I had planned six designs, but only managed to have time to carve four of them--finishing up the last one half way into trick-or-treating. I carved this year's presidential candidates, Indiana Jones, and Heath Ledger's Joker-from the summer blockbuster, 'The Dark Knight' (Batman). I got a lot of great compliments, although, was really confused when someone thought the McCain looked like Bill Clinton and Indiana Jones as Chuck Norris. I'm still confused. If anyone sees any other celebrities other than those I intended to carve, let me know. :)

All in all, it was a fun night. It couldn't have been more perfect. Well, I guess that's not true. If Jen was home, then it would have been perfect. Hopefully, we have just as much fun next year. I already have some ideas for my pumpkins--I can't wait! If anyone has any new ideas, feel free to leave a comment and I'll consider them. Who knows what Noah will be dressed up as next year? A monkey? A pirate? A tomato? I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

A big Happy Halloween Birthday to Grandpa Ted!


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