Monday, November 3, 2008

Catching Rainbows

Last week, as I was trying to take pictures of Noah's new hat, Curtis started waving the playsilks, resulting in this unexpected but very beautiful sequence of pictures.

Sis and Aunt Trisha, upon seeing these pictures, wrote an equally beautiful response that I wanted to share (I added a couple lines to the poem):

Very Cool and Captivating! One of my favorite meditation readings is about a family sharing some of their favorite childhood memories. One child reminisced on how cool it was when their Mom hung out the sheets on the clothesline so the kids could run through them and play hide-n-seek! This so reminds me of creating moments that are more special then we know! Perhaps Noah will have his own story to tell some day:

My Daddy is the Greatest,
As you can clearly see

One day he caught a rainbow,
And he gave it to me

As I played amongst the colors
I squealed out with glee

I could almost taste it
It was as beautiful as can be!

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