Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Walk in the Woods

Every morning, Noah and I take a couple mile walk (a "hike," as Curtis calls them due to the distance) around the surrounding neighborhoods. Noah usually rides in the stroller, but today I packed him on my back and we explored this little walking trail near our house, aptly named "Verona Trail."

In the past, I have tried taking this trail with him in the stroller, but that ended with me dragging the stoller backwards up a woodchip trail while trying to keep it upright and it was just not much fun. Wearing him worked out much better, and I think he enjoyed looking up at the trees from his perch on my back. Trying to take a picture of him by holding the camera backwards over my head resulted in a series of rather funny pictures...most of them of the back of my neck and ground. Here he is peeking over my shoulder...

The leaves are just starting to turn color and there is a nice crispness in the air. Hopefully Noah and I will be able to get out and enjoy autumn and the changing of the seasons before it gets too cold. We will be sure to share our adventures with you!


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