Monday, July 12, 2010


This past weekend we packed up the family and headed North for a refreshing long weekend with family. Noah tried out his new wheels; an Irish Mail Cart made by Grandpa, with a custom paint job by cousin Adrianne. His legs may have to grow a bit before he can make it go by himself.Confession: I tried it too, and it was fun! I will spare you the pictures though.

Despite the hot and humid weather, we kept somewhat cool in the shade. I got in some solo swinging before being joined by Isaac. He was mesmerized by the trees overhead, and cooed and talked to them in his new sweet, high-pitched, puppy dog voice.Isaac is always aware of his brother and watches his every move. Noah likes to act goofy to get Isaac laughing. Together, they provide quite the entertainment.On Saturday, we all got dressed up for a country wedding, complete with sunflowers, an outdoor ceremony under a handmade arbor with storm clouds overhead, and a horse that really did not want to carry the bride down the aisle. Most importantly...two people in love and looking very happy indeed.The weather cooperated, just barely, waiting until after the ceremony before down pouring. Isaac snuggled with Curtis under the huge tent as we waited for the rain to pass.Before long, the sun came out again and I got a chance to visit with some of my siblings and extended family. Isaac charmed lots of people with his easy smile before getting a little sleepy. So what do you do when you have a heavy, sleepy baby and need to give your arms and back a rest? Hand him over to his Uncle Colin, who will walk him around the fields for a good long time before returning with a drool-covered shoulder and sore arms of his own.

Meanwhile, a shy Noah warmed up to his cousins while waiting for dinner, and they taught him how to be a little silly.
After his long walk, Isaac finally snuck in a little snack and snooze out on the lawn.
Speaking of being silly... Here Grandpa Ted and his brother Paul get a little goofy. I am envisioning this will be Noah and Isaac in about 75 years. Maybe minus the handlebar mustache.
And finally, some dancing. Congratulations to Tanna on Ryan on their beautiful wedding and the start of their lives together!

Each summer, our parents stand in a long line and buy boxes of peaches off a truck straight from the south. All weekend, those peaches ripened in the dark basement, until Sunday morning when they were the perfect juicy ripeness. So before driving home, I spent Sunday morning with my Mom, peeling and slicing peaches for freezing. My goodness, she was fast! I think she peeled and sliced about three peaches in the time it took me to do one. All those hours spent canning as a young girl, she says. I think it is some Grandma superpower or something. We will enjoy those frozen peaches in the months to come. For now, we also have lots of fresh ones to eat, and today I made peach cobbler. Tomorrow, peach pie. Isaac, wondering where the endless supply of arms and laps has gone now that we are back home, demanded that he watch the process from his sling.

So, despite being a little tired and having lots of laundry to do, I am glad to begin the week feeling refreshed by family, music, and lots of good food.


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