Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Life In Progress

I have been slacking in the blogging department again. Isaac continues to maintain that if he is awake, he should be held and/or entertained at all times thank you very much! A fussy baby, combined with Curtis being gone to Ohio on business all week, leaves little time for knitting or blogging or chores or other important things, like bathing! Case in point: I have been working on this same post for 3 days now, and am finaly finishing it by typing with one hand while nursing/holding Isaac with the other. Here is some of what has been going on around here this past week...

In the few minutes after he wakes up and eats, Isaac is agreeable to being put down for a few minutes. He is working on sitting up, and is pretty good at it as long as he holds himself up with his hands. He also has two new teeth and his little tongue is constantly going in and out like a little snake as he uses it to explore them. Here, he is thinking, "Gee, brother, I would really like that toy, but if I reach for it..."
"This will happen." He folds right in half. Comes in handy for sucking on ones own toes.
Noah tries to lend a hand, but Isaac is pushing 21 pounds (at least, last time we checked on the dog scale at the local pet store) and Noah can't quite straighten him despite his efforts.
Also this week, "Gumma" and "Gumpa" came for a little visit to keep me from going insane...I keep me company. Wednesday night we went to the Capitol for Madison Symphony Orchestra's weekly Concert on the Square. I don't usually drive downtown, and for good reason. It was quite the adventure, as Gumma called it. However, after we found a parking spot, took a little hike, and found a spot for our blanket, we sat down to enjoy the music. It was Beatles night! Just for us...
And several thousand of our closest friends and neighbors.
Noah waited and waited for his favorite song, sometimes asking me to fast-forward a song he didn't particularly care for. Sorry kiddo. I don't have that kind of power.
Meanwhile Isaac took it all in, sticking out his tongue, laughing, cooing, and squealing at the trees and passers-by.Finally, just as we were packing things up for the trek back to the car, they played Hey Jude for the encore. And our thousands of friends and neighbors sang along. It was one of those goosebump-inducing moments, and worth the wait (though Gumpa may not think so).

Curtis arrived back home yesterday after a long car ride from Ohio after his flight was canceled due to the storms and tornadoes that rolled through last night. I hope he is rested up, because I head back to work tomorrow and need a break from these two adorable, rather exhausting boys!

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