Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swinging and Sliding

It has been a week of firsts for Isaac. He has mastered the "reach and grab," so I got out Noah's baby toys. It is a little strange to see them being used again. Deja vu, if you will. What is it about Sophie the Giraffe that babies love so much? Her soft squishiness? Her little squeak?
I love the way his pudgy little fist strangles her little neck so innocently as he attempts to shove her entire head into his mouth.
Isaac also had his first solo swing ride, which he loved of course.
And on the Noah front...he is equally as amused by the re-emergence of his baby toys. He offers them one after another to Isaac, demonstrating the proper way to jingle and shake each one.

At the park, Noah is also becoming more daring on the jungle gym, climbing to the top and sliding down all by himself.

And I think they both just woke up from their naps. So that's all for today!

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