Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Quiet Family Christmas

We hope everyone had a very special Christmas! It was a slow couple of days in the birthing world, so Jen was put on call both Christmas Eve and Day! Although we were not able to travel, we did have a quiet Christmas as a family. On Christmas Eve, we opened some presents after dinner. At first, Noah was more interested in climbing on top of the presents than opening them. He got a set of Ostheimer Little Red Riding Hood figures and a cozy wool blanket. Curtis got a Sigg water bottle, some new PJs, and some Spiderman bowls to eat his soup at work. Jen got some pants that were too big, some boots that were too small, and some wooden spoons that were just right.

By Christmas morning, Noah had mastered the ripping of paper. We don't have any Christmas stockings (they are on the knitting list for next year), so Santa used some socks that Aunt Colleen and Jen had knit a couple years ago. Noah got some new wool longies, which he wore Christmas morning while opening Santa gifts. Santa also brought him some bathtub crayons, a Foogo, and a Twilight Turtle.
As we were lying on Noah's bedroom floor playing with the turtle, whom we named Fred, we discovered that silly Santa forgot she had hid some presents under his crib. So, Noah got some new toothbrushes and the whole family got a beautiful door harp (none of the exact ones pictured, but we are guessing that is where Santa got ours) to hang on our front door. In between all the present opening, we ate lots of cookies and fudge and played some Christmas carols on the piano.

We hope everyone enjoys the rest of the holidays, and just for fun, here are some photos from Christmas' past.

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