Thursday, December 4, 2008

Noah's Birthday Story

In Waldorf schools around the world, a child's birthday is celebrated by telling the story of the Rainbow Bridge. The story follows the life of the child, beginning in the heavens with the child's journey to earth. Each story is different and unique to the child, and is added to on each subsequent birthday, reflecting the growth and changes the child has undergone. Here is the first chapter of Noah's Birthday Story.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who lived with the angels in heaven, and he was very happy there. He went from star to star collecting warmth and light and that was where he belonged. One day the clouds parted in heaven and the boy saw the beautiful earth below with all the people happily playing and working and he suddenly longed to go there. He saw butterflies visiting flowers and birds flying in the air. He saw fish swimming in the sea and all the different plants that covered the earth. He saw children climbing trees, running and jumping in the meadows, and walking through sand and leaves. It was all so beautiful!
The boy said to his angel, “Please, may I go down to earth?” His angel looked at him and said, “No, it is too soon. You must wait a little while yet.” The little boy went forth, exploring his heavenly home, gathering light and love. He was happy and soon forgot about the earth. Then one day again he saw a glimpse of the earth through the clouds. He saw mothers and fathers doing their work, and loving their children. Then he saw a mother and father with love and longing in their heart for a child and he asked his angel, “May I go to them?” The angel said, “You must go through the land of dreams first.”

The next night the little boy had a dream. He dreamt that he met a man and a woman and they stretched out their arms to him and asked him to come be their child. The boy told his angel the dream. The angel said, “It is now time for you to go share all the love and light that you have gathered.” That night, when the boy went to sleep, he went into a dreamland, and while ten moons waxed and waned he rocked in a little boat.

At the end of that time, a beautiful rainbow bridge stretched from heaven to earth and on it went the boy as a tiny baby. On a cold and snowy winter night, he was born in the water and taken up into his mother and father’s waiting arms. They looked in awe at this new life and said, “We shall call him Noah, which means peace, rest and comfort.” In the early morning the snow stopped, and all was quiet as Noah fell asleep in his mother’s arms.
At first, Noah found life on earth rather difficult. It was louder and brighter than the world he was used to and he often cried. His Mom and Dad did their best to comfort and soothe him by rocking him and walking him back and forth. Noah started to grow big and strong and loved to drink his mother’s milk.

When he was one month old, Noah started to smile. He loved to sleep on his Mom or Dad's shoulder and gaze at all the beautiful lights.

When he was two months old, he started to coo. He loved to listen to his Dad sing the Alphabet Song to him.

When Noah was three months old, he started to laugh, roll around on the floor, and reach for toys. He loved to splash in the bathtub.

When he was four months old he got his first tooth. It was spring, and he loved listening to his Mom play the piano.

When he was five months old he played the drum with his Dad for the first time. He loved to go for walks with his Mom and swing at the park.

When Noah was six months old he could sit up on his own and started to taste some fruits and vegetables. He loved spinning around in circles on his tummy.

When he was seven months old, he waved bye-bye. It was summer, and he loved to sit and pull grass.

When he was eight months old he started to crawl and pull up on things. He loved to bang on his pot with a wooden spoon.

When Noah was nine months old he started to dance. It was autumn, and he loved to play the piano and push the cart his Grandpa Ted made for him.

When he was ten months old, he could clap his hands. He loved to say "Uh-oh!" and play hide-and-seek.

When he was eleven months old, he started to jabber-talk. He had his first sled ride and tasted some freshly fallen snow.

Then Noah was one year old. It was winter again, and the days got shorter and darker. But Noah, with his shining blue eyes and bright smile, brought much warmth and light to those around him. His Mom and Dad, and many other people, loved him very much. The family had a special gathering to share their blessings with him. Everyone was happy to see that the tiny baby who had come to them one year ago had grown into a strong little boy who spread smiles wherever he went. Noah's Mom and Dad were a little sad that he was no longer a tiny baby, but they were also very excited to see what new things the next year would bring.

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