Monday, December 22, 2008

Celebrating the Solstice

Although I was scheduled to work all weekend, I ended up with a "snow day" on Saturday. That's what I call it when I am unexpectedly called about half an hour before leaving for work, and asked if I would like to stay home on-call. Silly question! Of course I would rather stay home with my family on the weekend than go to work! Although we had to stay home just in case I got called in and could not join in any of the Winter Solstice activities down town, we had plenty of fun on our own.

Due to recent snowfalls, we have quite the piles of snow in our front yard. Here is a video of me and Noah sledding down our snow bank. I obviously enjoyed it more than he did.

Later, we decorated our Christmas tree. Actually, Curtis and I decorated, and Noah un-decorated. Everytime we turned around, he was marching across the living room with an ornament or candy cane that he had plucked off the tree.

Finally, we had dinner by candle-light to celebrate the return of the Light, as the nights get shorter and the days get longer. Noah insisted on feeding himself his the dark. Yes, he was a mess.

Back to wrapping presents and finishing up some knitted gifts! I can only hope that I will get another "snow day" on Christmas Eve or Christmas. Otherwise, I will be spending the holiday welcoming new babies into the world...


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