Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"What Song You Want?"

Our Quiet Family loves music. Throughout the day we sing, we play the piano, we dance (or spin), we listen to songs over the speaker system. We are a musical family. I have talked before about Noah's love for playing the piano, and he continues to develop his singing and piano playing skills. Every morning when I sit to nurse Isaac before his nap, Noah crawls up on the bench and asks, "What song you want?" This is really a question to himself, and he readily answers himself, too: "Rappi?" (Raffi). This could mean either Wheels on the Bus or Baby Beluga. "Winkle Winkle?" (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star). "Ha Ha?" It took a while for us to figure out that one. It means I'm Yours by Jason Mraz in honor of the scat singing parts. So obvious; silly us. Curtis has been jammin' with him on that one for over a year now.
After the song is chosen, he looks to me. "Sing, Mama?" It is not really a question, but a demand, and though I am not a singer, I indulge him anyway. Let me tell you, it is a challenge to hold a tune while he is plunking away in who-knows-what-key. It doesn't really matter though, because he stops after about 10 seconds and flips through whatever book happens to be on the stand to find a new song, asking himself, "What song you want?"
Isaac finds my singing entertaining as well, especially if I bob my head back and forth and make silly faces while I sing.
Because music is such a big part of our lives, I thought our blog could use some music as well, so I added a player. Turn on your speakers Dad :) It is way down at the bottom on the page, in case you would rather turn it off. On it you will find many of the songs that are gracing the rooms of our home on a daily basis whether it be through the speakers, from our mouths, or from the piano. I hope you enjoy listening in on another little part of lives.

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