Monday, May 10, 2010

In the Garden

We follow a simple rhythm throughout our days and weeks. Recently, our rhythm has had to have a bit of extra flexibility due to having to incorporate Isaac's sometimes unpredictable baby needs. One thing that remains a cornerstone of our daily rhythm is getting outside everyday. Every morning, while Isaac takes his nap, Noah and I head outside, baby monitor in hand. Our first stop is the garden, where I check on all the seedlings and pull weeds while Noah rakes, mows, and drives his little car through the cilantro. Though it is still early in the season, there is a lot of life to explore and enjoy.
Greek Oregano
If all the weeds are pulled (we spend so much time outside that I actually run out of weeds to pull!), seeds are planted, and everything is watered, I sit under the pergola or on the porch and do a little knitting while Noah plays. Occasionally, he will come sit by me for a few seconds before he is off again.

Hopefully, Isaac will soon get over his aversion to the stroller and/or baby carriers and we will all be able to take walks together in the morning. Until then, Noah and I enjoy our quiet time outside together. And our garden is very weed-free.


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  1. What a perfect song for your Blog! Very Cool! Yah Dad, Cool!!!