Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rascally Rabbit

Our garden got off to a bit of a slow start this year thanks to a furry little nighttime visitor that I will refer to here as the Rascally Rabbit (though it has been called much worse...believe me!). We tried unsuccessfully to live trap the Rascally Rabbit, but alas, nothing I could put in the trap was as appealing to said creature as the blossoms on my strawberry plants. After bringing me to tears the morning that I went out to find all the seedlings I had been growing for months and had just planted the previous day chewed down to the ground, we gave in and put up an inexpensive, ugly, but so far effective, fence around the raised garden beds to keep the critter out. It is amazing how much the Swiss Chard, strawberries, beans and lettuce have grown this week thanks to some sunshine, a little rain, and the absence of the above mentioned munching herbivore. Meanwhile, Noah is officially ready for summer after a trip to the store earlier this week for a new hat, SPF 55, sidewalk chalk, and Popsicles. Bring on the sun!

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  1. I am sitting here nodding my head in agreement. Last year a neighbour of ours decided to "free" her pet rabbit, and let whatever happen, happen! The bunny ate most of my perrennial flowers to little stumps...and talk about hard to catch! We used a huge fishing net and eventually got it and relocated it to a friends house, (who had other pet bunnies)...they can do SO much damage...we were blessed that it happened just before we planted our veggies!
    Good luck!