Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I have not made a lot of progress on my knitting projects this past week, as we have been busy with a project of a somewhat larger scale: The moving of our office to the basement to free up the small room for Isaac. As Noah is a very light sleeper and Isaac is a very noisy sleeper, I don't think it would be fair to Noah to simply put them in the same room. Isaac is currently sleeping (and I use that term lightly) in his crib in our room, and while I don't foresee us moving him anytime soon, we will need to do some painting and preparations of his room before we move him into it. Which brings me to my little project for the week. Here is a sneak peek of the mobile I am working on to hang in his new room.

This move has meant some big changes for our family. The biggest (and best change, in my opinion) is that our main floor is now completely media free; no computer, and no television. However, this has posed a bit of a challenge for Curtis, who spends a good amount of time getting caught up on work in the middle of the night while he holds a restless Isaac. Did I mention (for those of you who don't know us personally) that our basement is not finished? Yup, that's right.

So, from a corner of our rather dark and chilly basement, I wish you all a wonderful day!


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  1. Oh how wonderful! I can't even behin to tell you how happy I was when we moved into this house and started out right awat with all of our media in one room in the basement far away from our little ones <3 Can't wait to see pics of the new space!