Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The Shalom Cardigan is finally done! I finished the knitting this past weekend, and then blocked it. It took several days to dry, but yesterday it was ready to get the buttons sewn on. They are from a button collection I inherited from my Grandma. I remember playing with and sorting these big green buttons when I was a little girl. At first, I was not entirely sure if they were a good fit for this sweater, but now that they are sewn on I think they look pretty nice. Maybe they are growing on me? Plus, there is something sentimental about using buttons that are probably older than I am rather than just going to the local craft store and picking out new ones.

After the Shalom was completed, I needed a quick little instant-gratification project. I knit up this stretchy headband in just a couple hours (one nap-time!). It is a narrower version of the Calorimetry pattern, and perfect for keeping those fly-away hairs out of my face when it is breezy (or shall I say windy) outside...which it often is around here. The headband also features a funky orange button from Grandma's stash!

There you go! Finally some completed projects! Tomorrow I will share my new knitting project...one that I am sure will keep me busy for a good long time.


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