Wednesday, July 11, 2012


“If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn.” - Andrew Mason

Just what is it about dandelions that draw us to them? I have to admit, they are a pretty whimsical 'weed'. While at the park last evening, the boys found some dandelions just begging to be blown. Before long they were running around blowing them as fast as they could. Frankly, I was afraid one or both of them was going to pass out.10 Blowing Dandelions 1_edited-2
Noah seems to have become an expert dandelion blower. However, watching Isaac blow dandelions is like watching him blow out birthday candles. He huffs, and he puffs, and...
Blowing Dandelions
10 Blowing Dandelions 4_edited-2
Nothing happens. Except lots of spittle flying through the air. But he is persistent and eventually...
Blowing Dandelions
10 Blowing Dandelions 5_edited-1
Success! He was so proud of himself.

I am sure the park service would be glad to know that we have done our part to ensure that next year's dandelion crop will be a good one.

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