Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Quiet Morning

Last weekend I woke up to a beautiful warm light streaming through the bedroom window. I had been wanting to capture more photos of my growing belly and thought the lighting would be perfect. I grabbed the camera and started playing around with different exposures in preparation for a morning "photo shoot." Meanwhile, Noah climbed into the bed and tried to rouse a reluctant Daddy from sleep. I inadvertently caught some very sweet moments of my two boys. Judging by the number of views this photo got on our Flickr page, I am not the only one who thinks so.

Curtis, however, is critical of his appearance in every single picture. But he is not the one writing this post, so I am going to share more unedited shots of our quiet morning...which will probably get me in trouble :)

The actual maternity photos turned out beautiful as well, but may be a bit too, umm...revealing, to make public. It is hard to believe we will soon have another little body to snuggle in that bed.

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  1. It is Simple Special Moments like this that make for a Life Well Lived! Thanks for sharing your Life with us! Sis and Auntie Trisha