Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Noah's Birthday Story, Chapter TWO!

Last year for Noah's birthday, we began his Birthday Story, which you can read here. In continuing this tradition, the following is a new chapter to his story.

After his first birthday, Noah saw all the seasons pass again. In the spring, he helped his Mom and Dad build and plant a garden full of wonderful things to eat.

In the summer, he went on a special trip up north where he spent a whole week with his Mom’s family and met some of his cousins for the first time.

By autumn, Noah was saying lots of words, singing songs, and could run very fast. He played in a pile of leaves and went to a local farm to help pick out pumpkins for Halloween.

Then it was almost winter again and Noah was two years old. His Mom and Dad were thankful for his smiling face every day. They especially liked it when he would climb onto their laps, lay his head on their shoulder and give a ‘baby’ hug, just like when he was a tiny newborn baby. It was becoming more difficult to lie on Mom because inside her belly a new baby was growing. Noah liked to kiss her belly and rub it gently. Soon he would be a big brother!

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