Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bouncy Seat Cover

When Noah was a baby, one of our neighbors, a lovely lady with four kiddos of her own, commented that I never seemed to put him down. That was very true, whether it was by choice or him pretty much demanding it. Well, one day this well-meaning lady left a used bouncy seat on our doorstep. Noah, being quite a bit bigger than her babies were at his age was too big for it, but we took it anyway so as not to hurt her feelings and stowed it away in the basement. Fast forward to now and preparing for our next baby. While this baby will also spend most of his/her time in arms, I am guessing there will be times I will need a safe place to put him/her while attending to Noah's needs. So I dug out that old bouncy seat, which was, um...well used.

After much planning and measuring, I removed the straps and sewed a new padded cover with fabric left over from the mei tai project. This was another learning project. Sewing bias tape around the crotch strap? Not good. But in the end...ta da! Re-purposed bouncy seat!

Here's hoping this baby will actually let me use it for a minute or two...



  1. Jen you are Amazing!

  2. I love the cover! Our babes usually spend a lot of time in arms...but I found the bouncy seat was incredibly helpful in the mornings so I could take a shower.

  3. Someone recently have us a well used bouncy seat, and I found your page googling "how to make a bouncy seat cover"! Glad to see you can do it.

  4. I found your page by googling "recovered bouncy seat cover"

    Yours is AWESOME and I'm totally inspired! Thanks!

  5. That is so amazing! I love it!