Thursday, November 19, 2009


I have done my fair share of nesting this past week. Is 7 months too early to be nesting? I justify it by telling myself that these last 2 months are bound to go quickly with all the holidays coming up. I also wanted to get an idea of what, if anything, we need to get for the new baby. It began with me hauling up bins of Noah's baby clothes from the basement (something I probably shouldn't be doing with my sore back...but, oh well!). I discovered that spit-up stains get worse over time. Sigh. Everything got a soak and wash before finding a place in our closet, nestled between my books and Curtis's dress shirts. This, folks, is baby's 'nursery'. Well, this plus eventually a co-sleeper beside our bed that he/she will hopefully like better than Noah did.

The hauling up of baby clothes lead to an impromptu sewing project to relieve the backache: A reusable hot pack. It is simply a muslin bag with a removable cotton cover, filled with rice, flax seed, and a couple pinches of lavender and chamomile flowers that make it smell wonderful when heated up in the microwave for a minute or two. This is bound to come in handy over the next months for various aches and pains.

Finally, the washing of the woollies. I actually forgot how many little longies (wool pants) I had knit for Noah until I began sorting through the bin where all the diapers and woollies were stored. Into a warm lanolin soap wash they went before being rinsed with cool water, lanolized and laid out to dry.

The lanolin restores the wool's natural lanolin and helps keeps the woollies water-proof when used over cloth diapers instead of a traditional diaper cover. There are also a couple a sweaters hiding in the back there on blocking mats, one of which I don't think Noah ever wore. Maybe this baby will get some use out of it.

I think I got the nesting out of my system for a little while. Now it is back to my regularly scheduled holiday knitting!

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