Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bring on the Sun!

We have made some good progress in the garden this past month. Curtis and Noah built the trellis for our peas, cucumbers, winter squash and tomatoes over Memorial Day weekend. We also made a tepee trellis for the pole beans.

I think everything but the winter squash is now officially planted. The tomato seedlings that I started look very pitiful. I planted them anyway and we will see what happens. They are in the background here, next to the small you probably cannot see them.

The lettuce is doing very well. I will be sad when the weather gets too hot to grow more.

I enjoyed the freshest salad of mesclun greens last night. Straight from the garden to the table. I have been eating a few of the radishes as well, though I think our soil is a little too heavy for them. They are an heirloom variety called White Hailstone, and are not growing as nice and round as they are supposed to. They still taste good though!

Now we just need some nice warm, sunny days to get everything going!

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  1. Beautiful garden! I can't wait to see what else you harvest from it.