Monday, March 2, 2009

This and That

I have been feeling a bit guilty for not writing lately, but it seems to be a slow time of year in much of blog-land. There is not a whole lot going on around here except normal day to day stuff, which is pretty nice in its own special way.

I have been busy reading everything I can about starting seeds indoors and planning gardens. I planted the first seeds this past week and am seeing a few little seedlings poking their way up. I have mixed feelings about sharing my seed starting ambitions with the whole world, because I have never done this before and really hope it is not all a big flop. I will share some pictures of my setup soon. Hopefully it will be pictures of happy little seedlings and not just a bunch of scrawny little sprouts. Or worse yet, peat pots with lovely brown dirt and nothing else. We shall see. Planting time still seems a long way off when the temperatures are still in the single digits.

Noah has been a hoot lately. At home, he is always on the move, picking up new gestures and words almost daily. A few weeks ago he started saying "whazat?" or "whozat?" whenever he sees or hears something new. Very cute! Yesterday as we were out running errands, I sat in the back seat with him and we had quite the conversation. I discovered that he knows several words and signs that I did not know about, as he is too busy when we are at home to just 'chat.' I was almost sad when we got back home because our conversation had to end. I will have to spend more time riding in the back seat with him in the future.

Of all the words Noah is picking up, mama has not been one of them. He says daddy, baby, chez (cheese), bobo (the rabbit...don't know why), but not mama. My theory is that since we spend so much time together, he thinks of me as an extension of himself, and therefore does not need a name for me. Maybe its a bunch of hooey, but it makes me feel just a little bit better when even the rabbit has a name.

Those are just a few of the little things going on around here. Just normal, everyday stuff. All lovely in their quiet little way.

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