Friday, March 6, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

This morning I had what was quite possibly my sweetest moment as a mama so far. I was in the kitchen mixing and measuring out ingredients for a batch of bread while Noah was busy emptying the utensil drawer as usual. Suddenly, one of Noah's favorite songs (Say by John Mayer) came on and he carefully set down the handful of wooden spoons he had been unloading from the drawer, forced his little body between me and the cupboards, held up his arms to me and said, "Da?"
"Dance?" I asked.
"Da!" was the reply.
He grinned as I swooped him up and then laid his head on my shoulder as I swirled, bounced and danced him around the living room. I think my heart just about melted.

After our dance, I finished kneading the dough and we went out for a walk while it rose. We are lucky to be just a short walk from several parks, and when the weather is decent we visit one of them as least once a day. Thanks to the warm weather the past few days, most of the snow is now gone and today was the first day that Noah actually got to wander around the park on his own two feet. Though he is close to being able to run when indoors, he is still a bit cautious on uneven turf.

What would a trip to the park be without a ride on the swings?

In the same swing 10 months ago...

Oh my, our little boy is growing so fast! I forsee a lot of fun times this summer!



  1. Sis and Auntie TrishaMarch 6, 2009 at 6:46 PM

    Thank you Noah! Your message made my eyes water with joy! I knew Noah was a wise soul. Perhaps the next Gandi! What a Powerful message! Stop what your doing and take time to dance, and "Say" what you got to say! No need for a video, I can still see you dancing heart to heart!

  2. How sweet! I just moments like those.