Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Here is a quick, picture heavy post to catch up on a fraction our latest activities, since the sun is shining, there is a lovely breeze blowing in from the backyard where I can hear the kids playing, and where I would rather be. Soon it will be time for our afternoon siesta because we are attending a full moon drumming circle on the beach tonight.

Mother's Day beach sunset. We saw a family of dolphins swimming just off shore. Nobody got knocked down by a wave. Perfection.

Noah finished up a three week fairytale block with two new Grimm's fairytales each week. During language arts blocks, he listens to the story told orally on day one, and then draws a picture to go with it. The next day, he retells the story and does another related activity. For the story of Simeli Mountain, everyone worked together to build the mountain in our 'mud box' then filled it with 'treasure' found in the yard.

Weekly hikes with Nature Kindergarten continue to be a highlight of the week. Arwen's little legs carry her a bit farther each time, and everyone returns home blissfully tired. Arwen loves to balance walk on anything that resembles a balance beam, and found a perfect spot to practice in our backyard.

As we continue to explore new parks, we are discovering some little gems, like this good old-fashioned FAST slide.

We are also discovering lots of different creatures living in our yard; snails and lizards and unfamiliar species of birds.

One of our favorite finds is just down the road in a grassy ravine behind a park. We were running behind one school morning, and I was very tempted to skip our morning walk and just get on with 'school'. But knowing the importance of sticking to our rhythm, we went walking anyway. While taking a back way to the neighborhood park, I spotted a board up in a tree. Lo and behold, it was a rope swing! Seeing a five year old experience a rope swing for the first time and hearing a thirty-something man holler as he swung across the ravine made my heart smile. Discovering this simple pleasure taught me a perfect lesson about slowing down and enjoying the rhythm of the day. You never know what magical things you may discover if you take the time to be in the present.

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  1. p.s. I LOVE, LOVE the one of Isaac on the slide. Please send him a big hello from us and all his friends! We have overheard "I miss Isaac" more times than I can count!