Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finding My Groove

It has been some time since I shared my latest project. I lost my knitting mojo about two-thirds of the way through my pregnancy when the little lady threatened to come early, causing me all sorts of discomfort that was only relieved by laying on my side. It is hard to do much of anything while laying on your side, much less knit or sew. So I spent a good amount of time resting, focusing on taking care of myself and the growing babe. I guess you could say that she was my 'work in progress.'

And all the rest/work paid off because she hung in there until two weeks before her due date. Here she is, the newest member of our family, making her Quiet Place debut, two month old Arwen Skye. She is a sweet little lady, and we feel blessed to have her in our family.

Over the past couple weeks I have been slowing getting my groove back, balancing taking care of a newborn, the boys and the house. I have even started a new knitting project, inspired by my daily green breakfast smoothie, which allows me to blend together tons of nutritional goodness that I can then sip while nursing Arwen or doing other tasks. Trouble is, grasping a quart-sized mason jar full of ice cold smoothie makes my hands equally cold. Babies don't appreciate cold hands, nor do they appreciate having a cold jar bumped on their little legs while they are trying to have their own breakfast! So, instead of a tea-cozy, I am knitting a mason jar cozy. Very slowly. One round at a time. Sometimes, a whopping two rounds at a time!

However long this project takes, it just feels good to be knitting again.


  1. She is beautiful! Congratulations! I'm happy to see you here again. My wife cuts old socks to use as mason jar cozies. She loves them. Your knitting is much more beautiful than a cut up old sock though!

  2. Your daughter is lovely. I am glad all the rest helped her wait. The pretty blue of the cozy matches her beautiful eyes!

  3. Oh sweet little Arwen - she is gorgeous!! You must be absolutely smitten!
    We are thinking alike, I have a jar cozy in progress right now, too.

  4. Just stopped for the first time tonight and loved your garden post above. Then imagine my surprise to see your new little baby named Arwen, well not so new from the date of the post. But I had to tell you we have a little girl Arwen who turned three just last week. It isn't often I find a name the same as our children.
    Praying you enjoy her lots