Friday, March 4, 2011


In honor of the fact Isaac is officially toddling, I thought he deserved some new mama-made pants. Some time ago, I came across the free pattern for these adorable and appropriately named 'On The Go-veralls' and immediately added it to my knitting queue. I waited to start them until after he began walking, figuring he would be less likely to wear through the knees at that point. Knitting details and modifications are on ravelry.
The legs came out a little long, but are easily cuffed, allowing some growing room. I really think I might need to make another pair of these cute, cute pants!
And I promise, as soon as we figure out how to transfer video to our new computer, I will post an equally cute and adorable clip of Isaac taking his very first steps :)


  1. SO CUTE!! I wish I had known how to knit back when I had little babies! I guess I'll just have to spend the next 10 or so years getting ready for grandbabies.:o)

  2. i love this!!!! i want to buy it where can i do it...?