Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little Snow

So we had a bit of a blizzard Tuesday night. I had the privilege of driving home from work in it at midnight. The road was not really visible, but was more of a drifted over path in the general direction of home. Thankfully, I avoided the ditches (unlike many other folks, unfortunately) and made it home safely. As a nursing mother, I am glad I left when I did, because many of my coworkers ended up sleeping at the hospital and were still unable to leave in the morning. Poor Isaac would have woken up and wondered where his milk supply had gone off to.

Yesterday, the boys and I bundled up and ventured out into the snow-covered world. These pictures are not that great, because it was cold and windy and the boys weren't particularly happy about being outside, but you get the idea: there is a lot of snow. Mailboxes are buried in snowbanks (I don't think the mail actually came yesterday anyway)...That would be the sidewalk to the right of our fence, under about 3 feet of snow.This is Isaac's 'stop taking pictures and get me back in the house and out of this suit' look. Amazingly, he was actually able to crawl to me and then stand up in his puffy suit, with his little arms sticking straight out to the sides. I wish I could have taken a picture of that, it was pretty cute!Today the wind chill is in the single digits and we are staying tucked inside where it is nice and warm. Hopefully we won't be getting any more snow for a while, because I really don't know where we would put it!

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