Friday, March 19, 2010

On Becoming A Brother

One of my first thoughts after Isaac was born was how happy I was that Noah would have a brother to grow up with. Despite Noah's first words upon seeing his new baby brother being, "Bye, Baby", he has taken to being a big brother in his own easygoing style. Just as he pretty much ignored my growing belly during the pregnancy (other than the fact that it made snuggling with me more difficult), he accepted the fact that this new baby was part of our family. No big deal; one day there was no baby and now there is a baby. Right from the beginning, he was my little helper, bringing me my water bottle or the poppy (Boppy pillow) while I nursed Isaac. Other than an occasional "Hi, Baby" and suggesting that perhaps the crying baby would like to play with an egg shaker or sit in his swing, he ignored Isaac and went about his business of playing.

Over the past few weeks, however, Noah has slowly been becoming a big brother and it is truly touching to watch. I find myself stopping whatever I am doing to watch him interact with Isaac a little more each day. He now calls Isaac by his name instead of just calling him baby. At first, he pronounced it as two distinct syllables: Eyes Ick. Now the name rolls off his little tongue, and "Where's Isaac?" is the first question out of his mouth each morning. He 'cooks' things for him in his kitchen and brings him fruits and vegetables to 'eat.' He sits and chats to him while I make breakfast and tries to gently wipe spit-up off his face.

I am not jaded into thinking Noah will always be this easygoing about being a brother, but I think he is off to a good start. And I never I thought I would enjoy watching them together as much as I do.

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  1. Brotherly L-o-v-e! Beautifully shared. Thanks Sis!