Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trip to the Beach

We took advantage of a beautiful summer day by taking Noah on his first visit to our small hometown beach (it is actually more like a large pond). We parked ourselves under a giant willow tree and Noah and Dad got busy building a sand castle.

At first, Noah was not too sure about the sand or the water and clung to us with a little death grip. After a few trips down to the water to refill his water bucket, he discovered that it wasn't all that bad, and the water was actually quite warm.

We had a little picnic and then headed home, where we all took a nice nap. While I would not say that Noah now loves the sand and water (he tried to leave several times, telling us "Bye!" and heading for the gate), it was a nice introduction. I am sure he will soon be begging us to stay longer.


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