Friday, April 10, 2009

Wooly Goodness

I just finished a up new sweater for Noah, perfect for Spring's cool, not-quite-warm-enough-to-go-outside-without-a-jacket weather. It is made from the natural wool that we got while visiting a local sheep farm. I think it makes it just a bit more special knowing that we met the sheep that it came from.

I searched for quite a while for a boy's raglan pattern with no seams. I finally found the Runaround Raglan pattern by Sarah Fama, which is available for download on Ravelry. I like the simplicity of the pattern, but love how the cables give it just a little pizazz and make it more interesting than a plain raglan.

Very appropriately, Noah's current favorite book and song is Baa Baa Black Sheep, which he requests by name (Baa Baa!) several (or a hundred) times a day. He even got me a ball of black wool for my birthday, wrapped up with a note that states it is to be used to knit him a black sheep. I also got some yummy hand-painted yarn from Noah and Curtis. I don't know what it will become just yet...

...but it sure is nice just to look at and squish in my hands!


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  1. That's a beautiful sweater - I wish I could knit like that!